Wednesday, February 16, 2011


By Gertrude Kayaga & Elman Nsinda
WRA Uganda

Kyazze & Agnes sharing  joy of their first newborn at their home in Lukuli Kampala
Agnes Kyazze gives birth to a baby girl after her husband becomes a core for her support. The Husband is called Kyazze Denis, being WRA member, he is aware of what to do for her pregnant wife. He accompanies her to health centre for antenatal checkups; he encourages her to do some exercise as well as giving her nutritious food staffs.

At 11:00pm, 9th February 2011, Agnes starts seeing signs for delivery;’ traces of blood and she feels pain. She informs the husband, and he seeks a motorcycle (Bodaboda) to take her to the nearby clinic, but Agnes stops him as she wants to go by foot in order to have exercise.

“On the 9th Feb 2011, it came to labour time at around 11:00pm in the evening and I felt pain and saw some signs of delivering like traces of blood.My husband Looked for a bodaboda motorist for transport to the clinic but I stopped him. We footed up to Lukuli clinic because it was not very far and it would it help me do some exercise. During pregnancy, I have been visiting hope clinic in lukuli where I have been receiving antenatal services. Every visit, I used to go with my husband. My husband has been taking good care of me and telling me what to do”. Agnes narrates.

While pain increases, they reach the health facility which has only one mid-wife and busy at the moment! What comes next?

“When we got there, there was one mid-wife still attending to a mother and told us to wait.
We waited for 20 minutes; thereafter a doctor came and attended to me. At 2: 50am, I gave birth to a baby girl who had no problem and I myself was in good condition”. Says Agnes.

Denis is a member of WRA and was one of the youth convoy crew in Kampala. He is thankful to WRA for having equipped him with maternal health information that has empowered him to support his wife for safe motherhood.
“This information has helped me to become responsible and accountable for that pregnancy. We are so grateful for WRA, for we are knowledgeable about safe motherhood massages we get that have managed to save us”.

It’s very wise for the family and the community at large to prepare for pregnancy for instance saving money to cater for things like medical checkups for the pregnant mother, transport, mamakit and medical charges among other requirements. This helps to mitigate panic at the labour time. Denis had done well but he experienced fears at the time of labour, he had little money to cater for needs at the time as he narrates:

“I had no enough money but I improvised, and am now happy my wife and baby managed to make it. I have been working had saving money, and giving her advice on how to take care of herself”.

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  1. Denis And Agnes- Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl! I am so happy to hear that both mom and baby are healthy. Denis- you've set a tremendous example for your peers by being such a supportive husband. I continue to be so inspired by the young members of WRA Uganda.

    Best, Kristin